Tania was born in Genova, Italia but soon after moved to The United States where she started dancing at the age of 5. After years of performing as a triple threat she made a switch to strictly studying Cecchetti method of classical ballet at the age of 9 under the direction of Magda Aunon and Magaly Suarez. It was not until the age of 14 that she developed an interest in modern dance and began to study Horton, Lemon, Graham and Cunningham techniques. At 19 she started studying modern dance at Florida State University, finishing in 2013. After graduation she moved back to Europe and completed another year of education and performance experience with the Opus Ballet, Firenze. Since then she moved to Berlin and has been working as a freelance dancer choreographer and teacher, performing around Europe. She has worked with a variety of choreographers, companies and artists including Jennifer Archibald, Constanza Marcus/Dorky Park, Loris Petrillo, Massimilliano Barachini, Arianna Benedetti, Ramona Caia, Samuele Cardini, Max Barachini, Peter Mika, Corrine Lanselle and Roberto Castello.

Tania has been constantly inspired to explore the possibilities of dance on film and in collaboration with other artistic mediums which is what lead her to feed her creative impulse and co-found the dance film collective ZIZ.Cie with filmmaker Valquire Velkoviq and dancer Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen. 
Whilst in Berlin, Tania also deepened her connection with dance as a form of communication. Tania has found a way to combine her passion for body language with a newfound love for teaching by leading workshops/classes for inexperienced and experienced dancers.
Tania is currently based in Berlin. 
Current and Future Projects 
-“Plague of Desire” to premiere at Acker Stadt Palast, 31 May-3 June 2017 
- Dancer/Aerialist/Choreographer at Helle Köpfe
- Dance teacher at Schloß Trebnitz Bildungs– und Begegnungszentrum
- “Ziz Cie” (co founder) an ongoing collaboration platform for all kinds of dance related projects. It consists of professional dancers, choreographers, media artists and filmmakers. Things accomplished thus far include: choreography, collaboration/ consulting for any kind of projects and productions for stage, music and fashion industry.
- Stage Contemporaneo con Loris Petrillo e Compagnia Cie Twain a Roma, August 2015. - L.O.F.T. / Labratori Opifico Teatrale, Centro Coreografico Internationale, Opus Ballet
Faculty: Massimilliano Barachini, Arianna Benedetti, Rosanna Brocanello, Ramona Caia, Samuele Cardini, Genni Cortigiani, Maria Giovannini, Ilaria Landi, Aurelle Mounier, Angela Placanica, Giacomo Quarta, Sabrina Secchi, Daniel Tinazzi.
Firenze, 2014-2015
- Stage Contemporaneo con Loris Petrillo in Ladispolli Roma , August 2014
- F.A.C.E. – Frida Artistic Christmas Exchange a Teatro Frida in collaboration with Silvia Zanta, Maura Rubin, Sara Sguotti, NicolaSimone
Cisternino at Asd Sistema, December 2014.
- Bates Dance Festival
Faculty: Doug Varone, Nancy Stark Smith, Bridgman Packer, Shonach Mirk Robles, Jennifer Archibald, and Julia Burrer, Maine, 2013
- White Mountain Summer Dance Festival
Faculty: Laura Glenn, Paul Dennis, Jim Lepore, Winifred Crumrine, Sarah Imhoff-Jones, James Martin, Megan Williams, New York, 2008.
Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
School of Dance, College of Visual and Performing Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Ballet, Modern, Graham, Cunningham, Limone, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary Dance