A production by CONSTANZA MACRAS | DorkyPark and HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation through the Doppelpass program.
“We are contained in nothing and photography assembles fragments around a nothing. When Grandmother stood in front of the lens she was present for one second in the spatial continuum that presented itself to the lens. But it was this aspect and not the grandmother that was eternalised.” – Siegfried Kracauer “On Photography”
ALBUM deals with memory in relationship with the photographic image and self representation, tracking down memories of the time when the analogue world entered the digital age. What is the dialogue between these forms of representation? From the staging of an old analogue picture, where an occasion was always revealed, to the compulsiveness of “The Selfie”. The debris of memories that an album carries with,  from narratives to choreographic compositions. Analogue memories and digital exercises.
“Since what is significant is not reducible to either merely spatial or merely temporal terms, memory-images are at odds with photographic representation. From the latter’s perspective, memory-images appear to be fragments but only because photography does not encompass the meaning to which they refer and in relation to which they cease to be fragments. Similarly, from the perspective of memory, photography appearsas a jumble that consists partly of garbage.” Siegfried Krakauer “On Photography”
Director / Choreography: Constanza Macras
Music / Composition: Robert Lippok (raster noton)
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert

By and with: Emil Bordás, Luc Guiol, Hyoung-Min Kim, Nile Koetting, Johanna Lemke, Mandla Mathonsi, Ana Mondini, Felix Saalmann, Miki Shoji, Mohamed Akkouch (dance trainee)
Musician: Robert Lippok, Felix Karpf
Models: Annabel Schmieder, Marco Tabor, Ronny Welzel
Local guest performers (Dresden): Ana Mercy Alonso, Anne Hoschke, Antonia Gersch, Christiane Wacker, Christoph Grabe, Cristina Allés Dopico, Elena González Santorio, Gene Hünniger, Isabella Arboleda, Jacqueline Krell, Jan Böttcher, Joachim Lattke, Lorena Utrera, Magdalena Weniger, Miren Munoz, Oskar Staudinger, Serai Balmann, Solveig Meister, Tania Giovo, Tania Sternberg, Therese Bendjus
Kitchen by: Hoa Cáp, Kong Minh Cáp, Hoang Tuan
Light: Falk Dittrich (Sergio Pessanha)
Sound: Stephan Wöhrmann
Sound / Video Assistant: Nikola Frenking
Stage: Laura Gamberg, Chika Takabayashi, Veronica Wüst
Stage Manager: Welko Funke
Costume: Daphna Munz & Constanza Macras
Costume Assistant: Maren Langer
Technicians Hellerau: Kai Kaden, Helge Petzold, Sebastian Beyer, Henryk Bastian
Assistant Director: Nikoletta Fischer
Direction Trainees: Sophie Ketteniß, Albrecht Schroeder
Production Management: Katharina Wallisch
Production Office: René Dombrowski
Production Assistant: Magda Zielinska
Distribution and International Relations: Rui Silveira
Tour Management: Laura Nicolas
Administration / CEO: Susanne Kern
Project coordination Doppelpass: Anne-Katrin Schmidt / Katharina Wallisch